During Pic-Nic Electronic Festival we also will have an exposition of young and talented artists and interesting stands

Beer PONG 14:00-17:00

During Pic-Nic Electronic festival we will organise the Tournament of Beer Pong Game! The game will take place during day time!
Do not miss your chance to have fun with your friends in wonderful atmosphere with perfect music mix!

Jana Kaulmann

Jana’s creative work mostly focus on contrasts and light, as well as the human expression. she finds it difficult to define the art she´s creating in words, but it is her goal to trigger emotions and stimulate thoughts. She feel the need to communicate through art, mostly about intersectional socio-political content. Both in terms of content and visual representation, she concerned with reflecting and questioning the zeitgeist. 


SUKKI (Anna Sugila Kvaran) was born in August 1979 in Luxembourg. Of Thai and Icelandic origin, she has always lived in the ambivalence between cold and warm that characterises her artistic expression and her strong character between heaven and earth, generating a new universe.

Self-taught and versatile, self-confident and dreamy by nature, she expresses her whole vision of the world with her fiery look and her inner search. Doing nothing like the others, with her unique identity, she presents us a universe shared between soft and acrid colours, in an elegant way and close to the abyss, letting her imagination run free. At a very young age, she discovered art as a means of escape and self-confidence, of expressing herself and of introverting herself. The search for identity, the exploration of the world around her, the fact of living in a multicultural country and having an overflowing imagination, her love for life and colours, her insatiable hunger for new discoveries, her melancholy of being unique and different pushed her towards an exploration of the artistic universe, and painting became the ideal way to give relief to her inspiration.

Explosion, movement, fusion, love, sadness, elegance, transcendence, ambivalence, irreverence, audacity and authenticity are the key words that partly define her way of painting. But it is above all the mystical side that appeals to us when we look at his paintings. Something indefinable emerges from her work, she herself seems to be surprised when she shows us her creations. It is this flame and tranquility in her eyes that appeals to us and that we find in her artistic creation, like the genesis of life in the carnival created by man.

Sarah Mandres

Sarah Mandres is a self taught artist who was born and raised in Luxembourg. She’s been very enthusiastic about painting and handicraft since her early childhood.
One of the first times she came in contact with creative working was trought her grand-mother. She was the one who planted the creativity inter her head and ❤ and influenced her evolution from a very young age.
In 2019, Sarah started creating more full time as a way of showing her very unique point of view.
Finally today, as a well established new-comer she’s excited to take part on different events like Nuit des lampions, solo Exhibition at Escher Theater, Guest Artist at the Open doors of Schlaifmillen, D’Epicerie by Rafael Springer… .


Maïté Jewelry

Maite Schmit is fascinated to discover the process of life which for her has evolved towards finding balance. Her work is her own reminder of why she does what she does : it guides her in discovering living her life with a conscious mindset and lifestyle. To her life is about finding and living your true self and sharing your gifts in a positive way. She makes contemporary art jewelry under the name Maïté Jewelry.

Zoé Thill

Coming from an artistic background and experimenting with different techniques, Zoé Thill decided recently to dive into the universe of print making. So come and have a glance on fresh linol prints from the deep south of Luxemburg.

Wendy Tholl

Wendy Tholl also known as Kunstenares ThoWe. Creativity was significantly laid in her cradle and plays an important role in her life. She taught herself the art of drawing as a child and during her training in graphic design she learned the finer points of drawing and also learned to release her creativity in the medium of graphics. For the last 2 years she has dedicated herself to painting in various styles. In her paintings you can see the diversity of her personality, the pictures arise every time from the feeling of intuition. She loves colours and shapes, which you can see again and again in her works. You can say that her paintings are the entrance into the other world, the hidden world, where nobody has access to it. She enjoys transforming her feelings into pictures and revealing them to people. She hopes you enjoy looking at her works.

Betty Closter

Betty Closter is currently doing her master’s degree in Barcelona. She has been passionate about art since an early age.

Not limited to any specific medium, she likes to play around with a bunch of different techniques. Lately she has been focussing on acrylic canvas paintings as well as pencil and fineliner sketches.

While preferring a clean and neutural aesthetic in all other areas of her life, she likes to play around with a lot of bright colors and lively compositions in her art.


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