Hippie House Village
Embark on a groovy journey at Pic-Nic Electronic and discover the diverse activities in our Hippie House Village! Engage in strategic battles with chess, test your aim and coordination in Beer Pong, show off your foosball skills at the kicker table, immerse yourself in the laid-back vibes of the Hippie Beauty Salon, and be enchanted by the lively circus street performances. Don’t forget to indulge in ultimate relaxation at Berny’s Massage Salon. Join the fun and let the good times roll in our Hippie House Village! 🌈🎉
Explore the vibrant marketplace at Pic-Nic Electronic, where an array of shops awaits! From handcrafted treasures to CBD delights and captivating artworks, our eclectic collection of vendors brings you a unique shopping experience. Immerse yourself in the creativity and diversity as you wander through the festival, discovering one-of-a-kind finds at every turn. 🛍️🌈✨
Groovy Luxembourgish artists are spreading good vibes through their colorful masterpieces at Pic-Nic Electronic. Come feel the art flow and join the cosmic celebration! 🎨🌈✨