Lineup Day 1 - 20.05.

(Lauter, Samani, Berlin)

For the past decade, Jan, formerly known as DirrtyDishes, has been an essential part of the European club culture. His unique energetic sound paired with his charismatic appearance made him who he his today. Said and done: After seven years, DirrtyDishes has now become Najeh; the inevitable evolution. More mature. More focused. More clean. Najeh creates vibes. All experiences from the past years – playing gigs from South America to Asia – have been boiled down, mixed up and distilled into what has now become Najeh. His signature has grown into a more grown-up, reduced sound – ranging from techno to house. With that said, Najeh‘s future as an internationally known artist will only continue to explode from here – and we‘re all aboard for the ride!

Mon Groove
(FHLR, Berlin)

Berlin based Mon Groove has rocked “Techno City” numerous times for 10 years. In Suicide Circus, he was for many years resident of recurring event series and besides apperances in clubs like about:blank, Sisyphos, Kater Blau, Kit Kat or Golden Gate and invitations to cities like Munich, Vienna, Strasbourg, Salzburg or Cologne, he also squatted various underground off-locations. The sneaky mob-actions in bank branches called “Reclaim the Sparkasse” elicited some media attention. In 2017 eventually came down to co-found “Fehler-Musik” to feature deep, melodic and dark techno releases alike. Melodic, deep, colorful, stompy or dark are also some adjectives describing the sets, that always try to amalgamate with the crowds and surroundings where they are occurring.

(Lauter, Lux)

Co-founder of the records Label Lauter and well known for his gigs at Sisyphos, Waggenbau Hamburg, Golden Gate Berlin & many more. Maximillion is an electronic DJ/Producer from the south of Luxembourg, lived for years in Hamburg and is now back to bring some beats at the Pic Nic Electronique.

Mathias Treinen

Mathias Treinen is a Dj/Producer, originally from Luxembourg, who started his career in 2016. Having weekly gigs, playing Tech-House as well as Minimal/Deep tech-house and other electronic genres, his career has thrived in the past decade. While mostly performing in Luxembourg’s well-known venues and events he has also had international experiences in the Netherlands, France, Germany and later in several clubs situated in the heart of electronic music, Berlin. He has become well known for his ability to control the crowd and create an unforgettable music and party experience, suitable for everyone.


Peacemaker young, full of energy and living for electronic music. As his Name says, he wants to spread peace, joy and harmony during his mix sessions in Nightclubs, Bars, or Partys. His music style ranges from Minimal to Techno, House to Tech-House. Well known for his addicting Deep and Dirty Basslines, he already rocked the hottest venues in the region of Luxembourg.

Lineup Day 2 - 21.05.

Mathias Kaden

Mathias Kaden has been a DJ for over 20 years now. And after more then 1700 gigs he still hasn‘t lost his addictive enthusiasm which keeps providing those special dancefloor moments to fans on almost all continents. None of his sets are like another. Kaden‘s outstanding skills to interweave different spheres of electronic club music are documented by mix compilations for Watergate Records, Cocoon Recordings and the German magazine Groove. Kaden‘s gig radius is clearly geared internationally – with regular gigs at wellknown clubs and festivals such as Time Warp, Fusion and Garbicz and a residency at Amnesia in Ibiza. Nevertheless he has stayed closely-knit with his Thuringian heimat. Since 1998 he lovingly nurtures his residency at the legendary Muna, a club that for more than 25 years has been and continues to be highly appreciated as an important location for ambitious parties outside of Berlin, Hamburg et al. And for a long time the agency Freude am Tanzen in Jena, only a few kilometers from the Muna, served as Kaden‘s label and booking home-base. Since then, he has cut his own path and has set up the agency Paracou for himself and other DJs and live acts that he is friends with. There‘s no sign of fatigue: Kaden‘s tour plan is tightly scheduled and will bring new EPs on Rekids and Pets Recordings.

(Fuse, Portugal)

Bruno Custódio, aka Roddes, has been a dancefloor enthusiast for over a decade. His relationship with music is intense, intimate, zealously attuned in its approach, with every detail in sound valued on how it can influence those around both physically and emotionally. Along the journey some trips stand out, such as Spain, Luxembourg and Serbia, contributors to his evolution, with Exit Festival referred as one of the most remarkable experiences on his path. In 2017 he joins Fuse Records, where his work goes beyond DJing, allowing for more visibility to southern Portugal’s electronic music with events production. Additionally, he is a member and co-developper of the Cocktail Room project.

Katy de Jesus (Family Unit, Berlin) b2b Alex Heide (Lauter)

Combines her Portuguese heritage and Luxembourgish upbringing with the new inspiration from the German capital. With a real ear for rhythm! Katy’s sets focus on driving, hypnotic beats that are tripped with, samples, and the occasional rave classic. Her lazy command over the turntables takes the dancefloor through a captivating & seamless journey. Katy is a regular at ” Rocas “, ” De Gudde Wëllen “, as well as other venues, in Luxembourg’s underground electronic scene. She is constantly building her performance catalog all over Berlin at underground hotspots like Chalet, Anita Berber, Crack Bellmer, Sisyphos, Anomalie, Suicide Event, and numerous illegal raves. She’s also looking forward to diving deeper, into production, to express her sonic imagination. As a resident of the family unit, Katy is a true asset to the collective. Her deep ability to keep the energy going for a group is second to none. Katy’s dedication to DJing with her thoughtful approach to selecting DJs, make her a real talent and one to watch!
Co-founder of the rave series “From Dawn to Dawn” and the record label Lauter., Over the years, he has been behind the decks at many mythical clubs in Europe. We are happy to welcome our dear friend: Alex Heide

(Tiptil, LUX)

If it comes to passion and devotion to deep underground house music, Thierry Loesch aka. Riven is one of those Artists that spreads dark grooves through every venue he spins the decks at. With gigs at clubs like Kosmonaut, Trésor, Ritter Butzke in Berlin, Silodom in Saarbrücken and festivals like the Amsterdam Dance Event, Amphitronic and Nature One he is the right person for the Pic Nic electronique.

Alter Jäger
(Wupp, Lux)

Der Alte Jäger is spinning the black gold since he was found in the woods by some old huntsman, maybe you know him from that window in the rue de bains where he is spinning the 12 inches in an event called “WUPP”


Born in Luxembourg, Dj Pax began to discover the electronic music scene in 1999. He visited his first club in 2000, where DJs like Chris Liebing, DJ Rush and many more were playing. At that time, styles like Hardtech, Schranz and other hard electronic styles were in line with the trend. Those genres gave him the inspiration to start DJing and to entertain people. Time flies by very fast and since DJ Pax started, he has changed his style from Hard Tech to Electro, Tech-House and Deep-House. His DJing skills have turned into magical and unique style. Now P@x prefers to play digitally with Traktor scratch and Time code vinyls. After 12 years Pax has a lot of experience with mixing and entertaining people. He can take on a trip to another world!